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☆ Scratches

I started studying Scratch. (programming study developed by MIT). It is amazing. It runs on web site, free. Although it is for children, I think , it helps the old to be younger. Here some examples. Please enjoy them.

TV and Newspaper called on me  how to teach Scratch to the old.  They  call me Evangelist of Scratch here. 

 Click the picture, you are on the Scratch site.


①click Frag

➁Permit Mic

③Just laugh laugh Wahahaha

ough Wahahahaha...




 Click the picture, you are on the Scratch site.


①click Frag

➁Permit Mic

③Blow out the flames

☆ 2020 Tokyo Olympic 

The Worldcup  Wheelchair Rugby impressed me very ecited.

The games for the handy is good for everyone especially for the senior,

who has the handy in strenth. 

☆My Exsercises for health


      『Ninja Exercises

2 times a day


ZAZEN      once a month