On Sunday 4/19 2014, I fell from the bed early in the morning and strongly hit my  head.  I went to the hospital in an ambulance. After Doctor analyesed  CT-pictures, he permitted me to go back home.

But I vomited in an evening, I had to go the hospital again. Doctors had  the suspicion of cerebral infarction,immediately I was started the hospital-life under the severe monitoring in the hospital.  

After several days,I got a permission  to walk by myself. In the morning,I went to the rehabilitation room in a House and then worked to write software on the bed,as like staying at home.  The hospital-life was not so bad. ITC is seemed make better life in the hospital.

 I stayed over there  27 days.

☆ Blood pressure 160-180➡120-130 -4 kg in weight 


Hospitalization life

Because a PC was usable, is taken the ease, and is rather emotionally comfortable; every day. I thank Mr.Okimoto whom I lent the radio router to. 

1. I got to know many people.

2. I knew the medical actual situation.

3. I knew the power of ICT by the hospitalization life.

4. As a tool of the chattering, I felt the tablet to be extremely effectively.

5. Others

Reflection of the experienced person

1. Leaving of the high blood pressure

2. Lack of knowledge of the emergency hospital

waiting time, facilities, misbehavior, a rate, hospitalization insurance.

3. Personal irregularity law of nature

・ Medicine notebook, medical history contact information (I assume what oneself cannot express), personal dangerous foresight





About cerebral infarction

1. The image does not necessarily accord with a symptom.

(time suffers before the capillary of the details is not reflected even in the MRI and knows it with an image.)

2. Even if an image became the problem, I take not more than above. I cannot put it out. It is a stain of the old body warmth.

3. The muscular strength and the order school were made to hear that it was an exception for the rehabilitation. I thought that it was the street for experiencing it.

4. Even if the depression is effective, for recurrence risk reduction, there is the risk of the side effect adversely and is a seductive place.

☆ As for the case this as for what can say generally the illness from mind was, and thought that the laughter yoga was most suitable, and did it during hospitalization. I try for the forest bathing of the neighborhood even after coming home.